Jeff Cole


I typically play a 5-pc set (1 up, 2 down).  Every so often I'll break out my DW kit or one of my vintage Rogers kits, but for the most part, I am using primarily a Yamaha Stage Custom birch set in Cranberry Red lacquer.  Everything is kept safe in SKB Roto-X molded hard cases.

I use a combination of Sabian and Zildjian cymbals which can change depending on the gig.   I tend to favor single-braced stands due to the lighter weight. I also have a Gibraltar rack that can be modified into various configurations.

Recently, I made the jump to custom in-ear monitors (IEM's).  I am using the Alclair Tour model and I have to say, I am convinced they are the way to go.  I used to wear earplugs at shows, but IEM's take it a step further.  I no longer go home with a headache after a gig or rehearsal.  It is absolutely ideal to be able to control the volume of sound coming into your ears and still feel like you aren't isolated from the band.

My microphone configuration consists of an Audix D6 for the kick drum suspended on a Kelly Shu inside the drum (check it out online if don't know what it is--great way to eliminate a mic stand on stage), an Audix i5 for the snare attached to an LP Claw, and Audix D2's and D4's for the toms using DVICE rim mounts.  For the hi-hats and cymbals I use Audix ADX51 condenser mics mounted underneath the cymbals for a cleaner on-stage look. 

You may have noticed the clear acrylic discs in some of the photos.  The purpose of those "drum shields" is to reduce some of the sound from the cymbals, and to a lesser extent, the snare and toms, from bleeding into the vocal mics.  They work extremely well and are much more favorable than a full drum shield surrounding the drums as this allows me to not be completely disconnected from the rest of the band.

On-stage, I control the count-offs, click tracks, and backing tracks with an iPad running the ShowOne app.  This setup works great.  It's dependable, compact, and a lot simpler and less expensive than running a laptop with DAW software.  Plus, the app was designed by drummers!